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Grappolo contro Luppolo changes tune!!!

Big news!! From October 29th on, Grappolo contro Luppolo changes tune… We won’t be an Agribar anymore, but a spot for events!! Events of this season are: 
October 29th: We’ll serve our sandwiches made of excellent Monferrato specialities at Torino Beve Bene wine fair (
November 4th: We’re having at Grappolo contro Luppolo a tasting evening dedicated to Dolcetto wines called “Dolcetti e Scherzetti” (
November 26th: We’re serving at lunch “Bagna Cauda” as we joined the Bagna Cauda Day 2017 (

December 9th: We’re having at Grappolo contro Luppolo a tasting evening called “Dolci Delizie”, on which we will all taste Moscato d’Asti and other desert wines, paired with panettoni.

You could book with us you birthday party, prom cocktail, bachelorette or bacherol party, wedding, anniversary… or any nice gathering a group of friends could come up with!!! Info: 388 9981851

“Dolcetti e Scherzetti”, our version of “Trick-or-Treat” has wine as a treat!

“Dolcetti e Scherzetti” is Grappolo contro Luppolo’s version of “Trick-or-Treat” that has Dolcetto wine as a treat! It is the fourth edition of tastings organized with products grown under low anthropic impact.

This evening will be dedicated to Dolcetto: Red Wine Dolcetto “L’Equilibrio” by Alessandro Squillari, Colli Tortonesi DOC Dolcetto “Diogene” by Valli Unite, Dolcetto di Dogliani DOC “Valdibà” by San Fereolo and a tasting of a sample of Carussin’s Dolcetto. At the end with the dessert, Moscato D’Asti Filari Corti by Carussin. The trick we’ll see in the end of the tasting, when we will serve one of the wines of the evening on a Black Glass and guests will have to guess which wine is that!!!

On the Menu: Cabbage, red pepper and anchovies salad with Bellafiore Rosario olive oil paired with Red Wine Dolcetto “l’Equilibrio” by Alessandro Squillari. Second wine is Colli Tortonesi DOC Dolcetto “Diogene” by Valli Unite, served with a board of “prosciutto crudo” by San Desiderio Farm.  

Third dish is a selection of salami by Caldera Farm and aged goat cheeses by Cascina Aris paired with the third wine of the tasting, Dolcetto di Dogliani “Valdibà” by San Fereolo. At the end, a tasting of a sample from the tank of Carussin’s Dolcetto: spectacular vintage 2017. Tasting closes with a fruit “crostata” paired with Moscato D’Asti Filari Corti by Carussin.
Vi aspettiamo!!!

Menu and tasting €18. Max 15 seats.
Booking and info: 388 9981851 (Marina)

Souvenir from Norway

Today a dear friend from Norway, who’s spending vacation in the mountains with her family, sent me this year’s most beautiful souvenir!!
While the first snow flakes of the season fall, they have so much cuddling, love, union, a fireplace and a bottle of Asinoi to keep them warm. Guess who is in charge of controlling wine’s right temperature? It is little Louise!!!