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Barbera, Barolo and Barbaresco: wine tasting, October 7th with “3 Bar Atmosfera”

And here we go again with our tastings focused only on wines with low anthropic impact: the third evening of tastings is named “3 Bar atmosfera!” (“3 Bar atmosphere”) and it is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, at 5:30 PM at our “agribirrificio” Grappolo contro Luppolo, in San Marzano Oliveto (Asti). The tasting includes three great red wines, Barbera, Barbaresco and Barolo, the “3 Bar”: Barbera del Monferrato Superiore Reitemp 2013, Rocco di Carpeneto (Alessandria); Barbaresco Montestefano 2012, Azienda Agricola Rivella Serafino, Barbaresco; Barolo Brunate 2011, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Barolo. The “atmosphere” will be made by Mattia Muscatello, who will be reading poems from his book, written with Gabriele Sanzo: “Biografia di un’ombra”.

On the menu of the evening you could find: bruschette and salami boards of “salame cotto Monferrino” from San Desiderio Farm, boards of “prosciutto crudo” from San Desiderio Farm and a salad made of vegetables from Duipuvrun Farm, an organic green garden led by Stefano Scvino in Costigliole d’Asti. At the end, boards of wild bore salami from Caldera Farm and cured goat cheeses from Cascina Aris; homemade “crostata” paired with Moscato d’Asti Filari Corti, Carussin.

At the end, each participant will be invited to play the game of the black glass: we will pour on a black glass one of the wines tasted during the evening, and you will be asked to guess which wine it is…

Tasting and menu are 20€ per person. Maximum of 15 seats, to book it, please call: +39 3889981851 (Marina)


Exchange of Ideas

This page in the website was born of the desire of writing ideas and facts of Carussin’s day-to-day! Since May, one of the family’s pillar: Bruna’s mother, is crossing a delicate period, and the time is not the best for Bruna to write on her “diary”!!!

Therefore, we wish on the other hand to involve you on the readings that are laying on desks and nightstands of our family!!! Share with all of you our readings is a certain way to keep in touch!!! It is not at all an explicit way of communicating, but for those who wish to go further on using that “energy” we all have of communicating not verbally, of reading non “between lines”, but “between titles”!!!

We expect, later, an exchange of ideas, opinions, interpretations and everything that comes to your mind in front of a glass of Barbera d’Asti!


From August 2017:


  • “L’Invenzione della Gioia. Educarsi al Vino. Sogno,  Civiltà, Linguaggio.”, Sandro Sangiorgi: This book is a true treatise and the ambition of Bruna, actually, for years Bruna has a copy of this fantastic book on her nightstand, but… she can’t move on!!! She’s not giving up, even if it is too hard for her!!!
  • “I Sapori del Vino”, Fabio Pracchia.
  • “Il Vino Capovolto”, Jacky Rigaux and Sandro Sangiorgi.
  • “Verde Brillante”, Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola.
  • “La Barbera è Femmina. Viaggio Non Sentimentale alla Scoperta del Vino e di un’Italia che Cambia”, Marzia Pinotti.
  • “L’Utilizzo delle Erbe Aromatiche in Agricoltura. Una Via per la Comprensione dell’Agricoltura Biodinamica”, Franz Lipert.
  • “Tra l’Asino e il Cane: Conversazione sull’Italia che non c’è”, Francesco Pugliese and Claudio Cerasa.
  • “Creare con il Feltro”, Henriette K. Foldenauer.
  • “Decorazione su Tessuto”, Loris Giuriatti.
  • “L’Intelligenza degli Animali”, Danilo Mainardi.
  • “Scintille di Luce”, Madre Elvira.
  • “Ho Fame: il Cibo Cosmico di Maria Montessori”, Maria Francesca Venturo.
  • “Asino Caro”, Roberto Finzi.
  • “Vivere con gli Animali, un’Utopia per il XXI Secolo”, Jocelyne Porcher.




The monthly meetings at Carussin Wine Estate and Grappolo Contro Luppolo Agribar, in San Marzano Oliveto (Asti),  which propose a teaching and tasting experience follows under the event “Assaggiamo? Assaggiamoli? Assaggia questo!”. They consist of evenings dedicated to guided tasting of wines produced under low anthropic impact. Our next gathering will be on Saturday, September 2nd, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM: on this evening we will be tasting Trebbiano wines from Abruzzo and Emilia. Wines served on the tasting will be “Vino Bianco Vivave IGT Colline Pescaresi di Rabasco”, 2016 vintage; “Trebbiano dell’Emilia IGT Trebianc azienda agricola Biologica Cinque Campi”, 2016 vintage; Emilia IGT Camillo Donati, 2016 harvest and at last the spontaneously fermented Oude Geuze beer, by Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen.

At the cellar, the Ferro-Garberoglio family is helped by Marina Maciel Santos Andrade. Wines will be paired with products of sustainable farming, the real food. Menu: red and yellow pepper salad with celery, lemon and anchovies; white lard, smoked lard and hazelnut lard board; La Masca and Cascina Aris cheese board; hazelnut cake with honey.

At the end guests will be invited for a game: one of the wines tasted will be served on a black glass and guests have to guess which one is it.

Menu and tasting, 16€. Event seats, max 15.

Booking and info: 388 9981851

Carussin in The Guardian! “Parlapà!!”

According to The Guardian and our great friend Giorgio De Maria, consumers understand that in a Bag-in-Box we could also find good, natural and healthy wines: authentic wines of good quality, fruit of the work with simple grapes, made with short maceration, but, anyway, fresh and fruity wines, wines for everyday, within everyone’s reach and good for everyday’s meals.

Read this beautiful article, on which we had the pleasure to be mentioned.

Have a nice Bag-in-Box and cheers!!!

La Tranquilla…

La Tranquilla Vineyard

La Tranquilla Vineyard

La Tranquilla vineyard… please wait!! It’s only July 24th! We still have to bottle Filari Corti 2016, Asinoi 2016, Lia Vì 2016 and Masato San’s Albarossa… anyway… there are a few little things before harvest!!!

La Tranquilla is a beautiful vineyard, I mean, it is beautiful to us: full of life, full of energy, quiet, slow and balanced… it is everything in its sane chaos!!! It is not a programmed-soldier-vineyard… perfect and organized, absolutely not. It is simply a vineyard that expresses itself with generosity!!!