Our wines of Piedmontese tradition

We don’t want to explain our wines through a technical point of view, we’d rather follow you on a virtual tour through our dream for our cellar

Regarding our wines we like to say they are wines with low anthropogenic impact. To work with low anthropogenic impact means to defend the integrity of the territory itself, preserve the Wine’s individuality from the standardization that chemicals, industrialization and technology have brought to farming.

Bruna and Luigi’s intention is to live the territory, not use it!! Only living it the exchange is complete and the work shared between men and land becomes a mutually sustainable communication.

That’s what we want to do. It is a work of collaboration with nature, which includes continuous understanding and growth. Our vocation is to grow the Vine, but it is not possible to just stop there.

It is crucial to know everything that makes a plant live and, consequently, what makes men live: air, fire, water and the wonderful earth!

And there are our wines

Cinque Barbera di Carussin

Barbera, soul of Piedmont

Barbera is an extraordinary variety that adapts perfectly well to our terroir. We offer it in five versions, from the young wine to be drunk in the year after it is made to the prestigious wine, which has long ageing, and at last, a raisin wine. Moreover, we tend to make wines with grapes out of the most pronounced vineyards separately to emphasize their uniqueness ...

Moscato Filari Corti

Our Moscato d’Asti DOCG is a wine produced with selected grapes that come from vineyards with great sun exposure, with soil and microclimate which suit perfectly for this variety. It is a typical desert wine, but have it just at the end of the meals would be too diminishing for such a product of exceptional characteristics that make it unique all over the world. It offers a great company on chats among friends ...
Vini nati da progetti speciali

Tradition and Innovation

Our work in the vines and in the cellar has always been linked to the tradition of Piedmont, but encounters and curiosity have always driven us to try other way and so are born new wines that have their own history and strong personality. We invite you to discover them and check with us if what you find feedsyour curiosity ...

Our work in the vineyards is certified as organic by “Solo e Salute” with the training of Dr. Leonello Anello on the “modern Biodynamic method”.