Barbera, soul of Piedmont

The history of Carussin is linked to the history of this particular Piedmontese variety by excellence, Barbera. Barbera is an extraordinary variety that adapts perfectly well to our terroir. We offer it in five versions, from the young wine to be drunk in the year after it is made to the prestigious wine, which has long ageing, and at last, a raisin wine. Moreover, we tend to make wines with grapes out of the most pronounced vineyards separately to emphasize their uniqueness.

Asinoi, Barbera d'Asti di Carussin

Asinoi, Barbera d’Asti

Asinoi – Barbera d’Asti di Carussin is a wine that suits just fine with a snack with friends. Activities in the vineyard and in the cellar are guided by Biodynamic methods, it is certified organic by “Suolo e Salute” ...
Barbera biologico Liavì di Carussin

Lia Vì, Barbera d’Asti

Lia Vì is a very characteristic Barbera d’Asti which is made with grapes that come from our vineyards followed by Biodynamic methods. It is a wine that pairs with important entrances, spicy first dishes or light second dishes. Its name comes from a migrating bird that stops by this vineyard ...

La Tranquilla: One vineyard, one wine

La Tranquilla is a single vineyard wine, it is made with Barbera grapes that grow in one single spot with calcareous soil. The vineyard is cultivated with Biodynamic methods and it is certified organic. La Tranquilla is a wine that pairs with elegant first dishes, second dishes of red meat, ...
Ferro Carlo, Barbera d’Asti Nizza

Ferro Carlo, Barbera d’Asti Nizza

The Barbera d’Asti Nizza “Ferro Carlo” is the top wine of Carussin and just a few thousand bottles are produced. It is the fruit of highly suitable soils and of a careful dedicated work in a vineyard where Biodynamic agriculture is applied… ...

Sospiro di Vigna, Barbera passito

“Sospiro di Vigna” is our raisin wine. It is produced with our Barbera grapes harvested at the end of October and dried lying on mats. This extremely particular wine pairs with herb cheeses but finds its perfect pairing with 70% cacao chocolate. Pairing with cigars has been a pleasant suprise ...