Tradition and Innovation

Our work in the vines and in the cellar has always been linked to the tradition of Piedmont, we propose in fact the Barbera in five different versions and an extremely classic sweet Moscato. Many encounters and curiosity have driven us over time to try other ways, so in that way wines that have their own history and strong personality were born. We invite you to discover them and check with us if what you find feeds your curiosity!

Tra l'altro, Moscato bianco fermo

Tra l’Altro… our white wine

“Tra l’Altro” is born from Luigi’s passion for white wines. It is born from our Moscato grapes from Canelli and our Cortese, it suitable with fish dishes, first dishes, white meat and cheeses of medium ageing ...

Ciuchinoi, the humanitarian Grignolino

Ciuchinoi is our Grignolino, it was born to support the Otonga Association in Ecuador, an organic wine of Piedmontese tradition to buy hectares of biodiversity. The profits of the sales of Ciuchinoi are destined to the project created by Father Giuseppe Onore ...
Carica l'Asino, vino bianco piemontese

Carica l’Asino, a Ligure in Piedmont

Carica l’Asino is a pleasant white wine of immediate taste, it is made with an indigenous variety of Liguria, arrived in Asti many years ago. It is a still wine that goes well with appetizers, finger food and light dishes. Its curious sapidity sustains well sauces of first dishes ...
Non Dos: Sisto, Felice e Completo

Non Dos: Sisto, Felice e Completo

Some of Non Dos ideas have “innovated” Carussin, allowing some exquisite wines to be born. Sisto, Felice were born from Nebbiolo grapes, Completo was born from our red grapes ...