• Wine


    Bruna and Luigi’s intention is to live the territory, not use it!! Only living it the exchange is complete and the work shared between men and land becomes a mutually sustainable communication.

    That’s what we want to do. It is a work of collaboration with nature, which includes continuous understanding and growth. Our vocation is to grow the Vine, but it is not possible to just stop there.

    It is crucial to know everything that makes a plant live and, consequently, what makes men live: air, fire, water and the wonderful earth!
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  • Beer



    On 1998 Luca got a home brewing kit as a gift… and he hasn’t stopped since then!

    On 2008 Clan!Destino? was born, the project that transforms the great passion of Luca in a job: produce beer from the barley grown in Carussin’s land.
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  • Events


    Grappolo contro Luppulo

    Matteo in 2011 had an idea: to create an informal meeting point that gathers good drinking and good cooking, but must of all, a place to talk, meet, play and simply make friends!
    That way Grappolo contro Luppolo was born!
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  • Teaching Farm


    Asinoi, Bread and Petting

    Bruna has a hobby: to learn about the world of the Donkeys, that we could summarize in two words, SIMPLE COMPLEXITY:

    Donkeys don’t do what they don’t understand, it is not corruptible, it is sweet, great worker, and it is capable of showing loving and servile fidelity.

    Bruna’s 10Donkeys work for their own support through teaching activities held at the Teaching Farm to kids from elementary school.
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