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Grappolo contro Luppolo’s World

Grappolo contro Luppolo’s World, February 22-23-24


People from Norway, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, USA, Australia, France, Spain, Israel, Iran, etc., have tasted at Grappolo contro Luppolo products grown and produced by Farmers that follow themselves, with the help of their families all their production process. It is time to go beyond those frontiers…

Now Grappolo contro Luppolo changes tune, and invites Chefs that have developed menus with these same products of our Terroir to present dishes from all over the world!!!


We’ll present 6 evenings per month, first evenings will be February 22nd, 23rd and 24th, with the following menu:

Selection of Cold Cuts
Selection of Cheeses
Animal+Vegetal Kingdoms’ Salad
Southern Wings
Panna ricotta
PRICES FROM 4.50€ to 8.50€

See you soon!!!

Booking and info: +39 3405012631 (Matteo) and 3405012637 (Bruna)