Grappolo Contro Luppolo

A place for events where you could be in company of friends tasting salami, cheeses, wines, beers and other highly selected products


At this place simplicity reigns amongst the people and the products selected through a research of producers. The stars are the craft products to taste, compare, enjoy, through which we could “travel” to the fields, the stables and gardens, enjoying and considering the dedication and the philosophy of those who produce them. You’ll never find the same products always, because a few have a seasonal production, but are definitely worth a try: salami, cheeses, pasta, vegetables and spices that have special taste…

Wines and beers are also product of selected choices. Besides our beer Clan!Destino? you could find craft beers from USA, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, England, Nederland, Belgium and Italy of course…

Besides Carussin wines you also find a selection of other wines with low anthropic impact. Work with low anthropic impact means respect its own territory, preserve the individuality of the wine from the standardization that chemicals, industrialization and technology have brought to agriculture.

At Grappolo contro Luppolo you could purchase product you’ve liked the most and also schedule visits with producers that will guide you through the discovery of their territory and their work.

Moreover, Matteo invites you to play by leaving games as chess, checkers, battleship, snakes and ladders, tic tac toe and toys for small kids available. The game is an activity that has many functions, of recreation, education, biologic and social, it involves more people, entertain, please and distract. The games are available at the bar for everyone, with no charge, but, attention, who breaks it, pay it!

The famous and recognized Salsamenteria Baratta di Busseto (PR), unique and one of the oldest historic bars: it is a place to hang out and relax, for travelers and pilgrims, which inspired Matteo to start his project Grappolo Contro Luppolo


You could book your party, event, or visit for groups by calling us, or you could follow us ont Facebook and website to find out when our next concert, tasting or party is happening.

Grappolo contro Luppolo seats 22 in the winter, while in the summer it also has comfortable places to seat in the courtyard and many toys for kids. For further information and booking you could reach us at:

  • Bruna Ferro: +39 340.5012637
  • Marina Andrade: +39 388.9981851

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To tease you to come visit us, we will give you a few pictures of the bar Grappolo Contro Luppolo…