The Bunet Festival

La Giornata del Bunet, “The Bunet Festival”

Mauro Musso is a wine and gastronomy passionate that loves to prepare his family’s traditional home recipe of Bunet in company of friends. While gathering with friends, he had the chance to try different recipes of this desert, which inspired him to have a Festival dedicated to this delicate desert, giving room to the many recipes and preparations there are on the regions where such dish is traditional. Depending on the region where it is prepared, ingredients and cooking styles might vary, making it so interesting and fascinating, with many possible aromas and textures.

The Bunet has been part of the tradition of the cuisine of south Piedmont, it became with time the most seen ending to an important supper of traditional regional cuisine at many regions around the provinces of Cuneo, Asti, Alessandria and Torino. There are a few theories around its origin: in Piemontese dialect, the word “Bonet”, for instance, is the name of a particular round shaped hat, similar to the mold where the Bunet is cooked (from the dictionary of Piemontese dialect: “Vocabolario Piemontese/ Italiano”, by Vittorio di Sant’Albino, published in 1859). It is important to consider another saying of local Langa tradition, that suggests another origin of the name Bunet: in the previous centuries the most appreciated deserts where heavy on sugar, while the Bunet was never so sweet and a bit bitter due to the cocoa and amaretti biscuits on its recipe, so many would say it was not “so good” (“tant bun”), but just “a little good” (“bunat”). In Piemontese dialect, diminutive has always had a negative or even pejorative meaning. The first registers confirming its existence are from the 13th century.

On April 2nd, we are presenting The Bunet Festival, a cultural event organized by Carussin, Grappolo contro Luppolo and Mauro Musso. We are going to guide you on a visit at Carussin winery and Clan!Destino brewery, then you could enjoy lunch at one of the stands we’ll have in the farm’s courtyard, where you could follow the performance of the Piemontese “cultural coach” Bruno from I Bravòm group! He will sing, play, recite poetry and teach us the old Piemontese songs. In the afternoon, we will all enjoy a tasting of Bunet of different recipes, from the many different regions where it is made, recipes that tell us a piece of the history, habitudes and secrets of so many families around Monferrato and Langhe.

Save the date! On April 2nd book your participation in The Bunet Festival!

Info and Booking: or +39 3889981851 (Marina)