Teaching farm

Towards the discovery of a nonverbal communication with Carussin’s Donkeys

Bruna with donkeyThere are 10 Donkeys at Carussin, who are there to have the visit of kids and who take part at all activities held by the Teaching Farm Asinoi. Here we develop project linked to the nonverbal communication, by playing we teach that “everything that has life has a language” and that man, who holds an elaborative intelligence has the duty of finding the key to communication. Only by finding that key we could find out how to respect other living beings.
Bruna attended to Eugenio Miloni’s training course at the Asinomania center in Abruzzo and she is part of the L’Asino national association chaired by Mafalda Leto.

The activities at the Teaching Farm are aimed to kids on elementary school, they are planned for kids up to their 10 years old. The day at the Teaching Farm is divided in many activities, it starts with the acknowledgement of the rules we must follow to get close to the Donkeys, and also rules to respect nature and its fours elements: why and how respect them, how to communicate, etc. Just after this short presentation they could meet the Donkeys.

It is possible to join us on these activities as a visitor (families and groups of friends) after scheduling and discussing previously the agenda of the day based on the group’s requirements.