Asinoi, Barbera d’Asti

  • A Barbera particularly suggested for a snack in company of great friends

Asinoi, Barbera d'Asti di Carussin

Variety: Barbera

Production area: Town of San Marzano Oliveto, typical area of production of such D.O.C.G. Wine.

Vineyards: Towns of San Marzano Oliveto, Nizza Monferrato and Agliano Terme. Pruning system is Guyot. Planted in the years of 1970, 1981, 1984.
Working techniques in the vineyards: Pruning leaving 7/8buds. Activities in the vineyards are guided by a modern Biodynamic method, vineyards are certified organic by Suolo e Salute.
Manual grass mowing.

Harvesting: Manual harvesting with baskets, followed by analysis of maturation, generally in the fourth week of September.


Organoleptic Evaluation

Ruby red with shades of purple, intense and complex fragrance of cooked fruit with evident scents of cranberry, cherry and prune. It has energic tasting impact, while flavor develops with elegance and continuity.

Useful Information

Asinoi is made with soft pressing, controlled fermentation and average maceration, wine is pumped over circa 3 times a day, wine becomes steady naturally during ageing. Short ageing in concrete tanks. Longevity: 4 to 5 years.


Asinoi’s label is inspired on Bruna’s passion and researches about donkeys. The culture of protecting donkeys, animals that follow us since the birth of our species, is one of the uncountable goals of the national association “l’Asino” that coordinates donkey growers throughout the country, as well as its use for humanitarian and didactic purposes (please search about the program “Asinine”). The Donkey is a simple animal in its complexity: it never does what it does not understand; it is faithful, respectful, goliardic, playful, but most of all, it loves to be in company. Our Barbera d’Asti Asinoi has its name because it suits perfectly well with a snack in company of great friends…

Food Pairing

It is a wine that pairs well with entrances, with spiced first dishes or lighter second dishes.


In the vineyards: Matteo and Luigi Garberoglio. In the cellar: Luigi and Luca Garberoglio.